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Semenax Review

Should You Buy Semenax? Here's My Real Life Changing Story

In this short post I’ll try to tell you about my ejaculatory and infertility struggles and how with the help of a product called Semenax I could finally put an end to my struggles and enjoyed a fulfilled life.

The reality is that while I always ejaculate very little semen (that’s why Semenax is part of the story) when I orgasm but I never had I problem with that and I always lived what I thought was a fulfilled and satisfied sexual life…

My problems started coming when I got married and then two things suddenly happened: for some reason (women stuff) my wife always wanted more semen when I orgasm. She wanted all over her face and body, and this and that…

May sound strange but It actually happened to me with more than one girl in my past, I just didn’t pay too much attention to it; I guess girls are more visual than men; they want to see and they want to see a lot (this is what Semenax is supposed to do).

Now; the real problem came when we tried to conceive. We wanted to have a child but I couldn’t get her pregnant, so we decided to seek help…

That’s when I discovered that I had a low sperm count and I needed to change that in order to get my wife pregnant or recur to a more complex conventional method to conceive like Artificial Insemination or In-vitro Fertilization.

Well I’m not really a fan of any of the non-natural methods but the doctors didn’t provide any other option…

One day when I was still making up my mind about the way to go, I met with some old friends at a family reunion and when I mention my situation, a friend of my cousin (father of 2 children) explained that he had exactly the same problem and took the advice of a friend and started taking a product to increase semen and sperm count called semenax reviews and had excellent results (of course; he now has 2 small kids).

I knew I had to try,  and I did...

After that day I knew I had to try; I went to the Semenax website and ordered right away… First; let me tell you that I now have a 6 months old beautiful daughter (first I wanted a boy, but now I have to admit that I’m in love with my baby girl)…

Coming back to the subject; Semenax obviously increased substantially my sperm count and my semen production… But that’s not all; it also improved the quality of my spermatozoids and their mobility; at least that’s what the doctor found out when I went back for a second test before we found out my wife was finally pregnant.

Obviously, it did its magic because we got pregnant in only 2 months of taking Semenax… My Doctor asked me how I did it and I explained that I had been taking a natural supplement called Semenax… He said that he had heard a lot about Semenax but that it is against his medical practice to prescribe something like that, even if he knows the product works, blah, blah, blah… The point is; it worked wonders on me and he wasn’t surprised at all.

But the amazing thing is that it didn’t only improved my sperm count quality and mobility and increase my semen quantity to a truck load; the amazing thing is that after I started taking Semenax, my libido and sexual drive went to the roof as well as my stamina when I have sex.

I started getting harder and bigger erections

Another thing is that after I started taking Semenax I started having more intense and long lasting orgasms… I noticed as well that I started getting harder and bigger erections every single time I had sex… My wife started to make comments like my penis was growing bigger and bigger…

I know that the company doesn’t claim that this product is a penis enlargement supplement, but my erections are so big and hard that it looks and feel like if my penis was now bigger…

Semenax has transformed my life completely; now I don’t only have a beautiful girl and one more on the way, but my sexual relations are amazing… My wife is now happier also and our marriage is now going better than ever and I blame it all on Semenax, which makes everything even more amazing!

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